Visual Communications

Visualizing quantitative reads has evolved into a masterful art as the demands of the internet and social networking have taken a stronghold on our information gathering process. The need to read, scan, and evaluate information quickly has grown exponentially. The Goldfish approach, regardless of method of delivery, is eye-catching and easy-to-absorb. It's a true discipline that Goldfish has mastered.

In addition to the sampling of portfolio projects displayed below consider visiting the Brand Curation and Adventure Promotion areas of the Goldfish site for supplementary Visual Communications work.

Visualizing Data through Information Graphics

In the 2012 SDTC Annual Report, the Goldfish at-a-glance approach to information gathering helped to minimise the number of words it took to support the theme: Taking Canadian Cleantech to the World. This method was instrumental in providing easy access to data while providing a speed-read to a very detailed story — an approach that is still utilized for much of SDTC’s communications.

  • SDTC 2012 Annual Report
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  • Cleantech Makes Canada Competitive

  • Cleantech’s Competitive Edge

  • A Refined Approach
    to Oil Sands Extraction

  • Delivering Concrete Benefits

  • Keeping the Flow Going


Iconography Development for Cleantech

Since the dawn of computerization graphic user interface and the development of icons has been in a constant state of evolution. These icons and symbols that simplify navigation often represent something complex that can be easily read at a glance. Over the years Goldfish Communications has developed icons for computer software and web navigation. More recently, as part of SDTC’s 2009 AR we created a family of icons that embody very complicated concepts that are representative of various technologies in the Cleantech industry. The information design for this project had a myriad of complexities that Goldfish managed to simplify. Our circular symbols act as steppingstones to an in-depth story — it became one of SDTC’s more popular Annual Reports because of the dynamic read and quick access to information.

  • SDTC 2009 Annual Report
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  • When Clean Technologies Converge

  • Biomass to Bio-products

  • Cleaner and Leaner

  • Getting Smart

  • Hitting the Streets

  • Icon Library


Weight Loss Campaign

In 2011, Goldfish Communications partnered with the Ottawa Heart Institute, and the Paramedic Chiefs of Lanark and Renfrew Counties to launch the “Slim till You Win” campaign. The success of this initiative had much to do with Goldfish’s leadership and fingers into the community though their flagship Ottawa Valley Living Magazine. It resulted in a spectacular print and radio campaign that was designed to get residents and community leaders up off their sofas over the winter months and become healthier in the process. From politicians to dietitians, everyone got involved to generate a healthy rivalry between two neighbouring counties — Lanark and Renfrew.

  • Pre-launch Ad

  • Launch Ad            

  • "The Heat is On" Ad

  • "Congratuations" Ad

  • Ottawa Valley Magazine Cover Feature
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In addition to the sampling of portfolio projects displayed above, consider visiting the Brand Curation and Adventure Promotion areas of the Goldfish site for supplementary Visual Communications work.

Additional Projects of Significance

SDTC Annual Reports (English and French)

  • 2011 SDTC Annual Report
    Theme: Accelerating Commercialization
  • 2008 SDTC Annual Report
    Theme: The Cleantech Effect
  • 2007 SDTC Annual Report
    Theme: Capitalizing on Cleantech
  • 2006 SDTC Annual Report
    Theme: Building the Cleantech Economy
  • 2005 SDTC Annual Report
    Theme: Clear Results. Clear Thinking.
  • 2004 SDTC Annual Report
    Theme: Invested in Canada
  • 2003 SDTC Annual Report
    Theme: Practical Solutions

SDTC Corporate Plans (English and French)

  • Created Annually from 2004 to 2014

SDTC SD Business Cases™ (English and French)

  • Renewable Electricity Generation – SD Business Case™
  • Clean Conventional Fuels – SD Business Case™
  • Renewable Fuel: Biofuels – SD Business Case™
  • Renewable Fuel: Hydrogen – SD Business Case™
  • Eco-efficiency in Commercial Buildings – SD Business Case™
  • Industrial Freight Transportation – SD Business Case™