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Trade Show Booths, Monuments & Sculpture, Industrial Design, Stage Props, Banners & Backdrops, National Symbols, Storefront Revitilization

Captivating an audience in a non-virtual sense relies on a skillset that has the ability to transport an individual to a magical place. We believe that some things are just better experienced in the round—the ‘Real World’. Goldfish, over the years, has combined their architectural, industrial design, and tradeshow expertise to deliver whimsy and enchantment. It’s a place where structure and colour are packaged in a way that takes on a life of its own. Seeing is believing!

President's Choice® Nutrition First® Trade Show Booth

Design, Fabrication, and Installation — 2012 and 2013

In early 2012 we were asked by Loblaws to design a Nutrition First® and Pet Insurance® Booth that integrated with the President’s Choice® SuperDogs® environment. These traveling exhibits would make their way across Canada, coast-to-coast, with the show. Designed as portable units, they were developed to look like point-of-purchase displays even though no product was actually being sold on site. These 3-D tutorials educated consumers of the benefits of President’s Choice pet food and pet insurance. Some shows run concurrently, therefore we were required to fabricate two English and one French 50 foot sized booths that would scale down to fit a space as small as 10’x10’. The modular design of this booth allowed for ease of assembly, while providing for different configurations on the fly. Swapping out one table, panel configuration, or podium/kabob for the other depending on the use/audience was encouraged. This colourful setting assisted staff in handing out coupons and providing valuable information to educate the consumer on Nutrition First and Pet Insurance products.


President's Choice® Nutrition First® Trade Show Booth

Design Proposals — 2014

In 2014, Goldfish was asked back by Loblaws to submit two new designs this time. They were updating their approach to the traveling Nutrition First® and Pet Insurance® roadshow which would be used on and off the show floor in this rendition: first as a tradeshow booth for concourse areas and secondly as an information pod on the show floor. These new booths were also designed for outdoor use. The new designs required the same modularity as the initial booth however they had to be developed as being self-crating, take up limited storage space on the truck, require minimal assembly time, and be able to withstand the outdoor elements such as wind, sun, and rain.


At the Fair with President’s Choice® SuperDogs® Nutrition First®, PC Insurance®, and PC Plus®
Premium Design Concept —  2014

This concept embraces the whimsy surrounding a county fair. It’s retro feel with stripes and canopies congers up thoughts of merry-go-rounds, popcorn and cotton candy. When configured in a linear pattern it takes on a storefront appeal that entices individuals to browse for information that’s presented in bite-sized chucks — very similar to the way information is packaged for their hand-held device. When configured as pods, they take on a carousel appearance that can be wheeled around on casters on a show floor. They are colourful and alluring — providing spectacular impact from a stadium seat or close up as they mingle in the pat-and-chat area after the show. This design truly provides the best in both worlds.

  • Country Fair Theme
    2014 Design Proposal
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  • County Fair Theme
    Design Renderings

  • Standalone Pod with Pat 'n Chat Podiums

  • President’s Choice Pod Panels

  • Compact Shipping Footprint - 4' x 8' x 8'


At the Exhibition with President’s Choice® SuperDogs® Nutrition Firs®t, PC Insurance®, and PC Plus®
Lower-priced Design Concept —  2014

Step right up. This large-screen concept is demonstrative in the way it displays SuperDogs® as the backdrop to let the Loblaw’s offering unfold. The contrast between the pristine white panels containing President's Choice® messaging and the full colour imagery of SuperDogs® plays well and creates a nice juxtaposition of messaging. The marquee ticket-booth-like pods integrate well with the pat-and-chat podiums and huge-screen backdrops of the show to create a streetscape to draw a crowd. This would work wonderfully in a concourse setting. When the pods are used independently on the show floor they would still carry a integrated message of President’s Choice® SuperDogs® and blend well with the after-show meet and greet with the dogs. The pods in this design concept are considerably smaller, which make them extremely portable and easy to assemble.  This design maintains, impact and portability at a lower cost.


United Way Community Builder Awards: Wall of Inspiration

Wall Sculpture/Monument Design and Fabrication — 2002 to Present

Building a better city through the inspiration of others was the main theme of this monument that Goldfish designed and coordinated fabrication  for the United Way. It is located at Ottawa City Hall as a featured wall in Jean Piggot Hall. This themed wall acts as an excellent backdrop for media events. Each year, community builders are acknowledged and added to the wall. Visit the United Way to find out more about the award.

  • United Way — Wall of Inspiration

  • Wall of Inspiration — 3D Component

  • Wall of Inspiration — Scotiabank Plaque


SuperDogs® Stage Performance

Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and Colour Management — 2012 and 2013

Goldfish was approached back in 2012 to create new stage props for the SuperDogs® show. This travelling road show that goes from exhibition to exhibition required new props that were: durable, had designated areas for sponsorship signage, easy to assemble and breakdown, and could quickly be moved from the stage to the wings and back again—without missing a beat. Part of the process included the introduction of graphics and use of colour that set the theme for everything from proscenium banners to the carpet on the floor. It was a comprehensive project that considered many components—an all-encompassing process that garnered great results. What a spectacular project this was for Goldfish—designing, and supervising the fabrication of props, banners, and graphics for a family show that’s into its fourth decade of entertaining.

SuperDogs® Stage Props
Design and Fabrication

Puissance Jumps, Long Jumps, window jumps, and rollercoasters play a huge role in the aesthetic and performance of the SuperDogs® Show. These devices basically have to withstand the rigours of heavy use and still look artistically pleasing when the day is done. Our task was to select materials that would be up for the challenge. Extruded and sheet aluminium provides the durability and ease of assemble and meet the demand of these requirements. Once the pieces are put together they move around the floor as one integral unit that can survive constant use. The areas where sheet aluminium is used also provides a secure foundation where vinyl graphics can be applied easily and endure the wear and tear of being dinged on a regular basis.

  • Long Jump with Bolsters

  • Puissance Jumps

  • "Roller Coaster"

  • Bolster Cushions

  • Long Jump, Bolsters, and Banner


SuperDogs® Stage Banners, Backdrops, and Show Aesthetic
Design and Fabrication

Part of the revised look-and-feel included the introduction of graphics that set the tone and theme for the show. The derived colour use and graphics that got applied to everything barrel wraps, podium wraps, pop-up displays, proscenium banners, sponsor banners, show-theme banners, bolsters, and carpet. Sections of fabrics and materials depended on use and lighting. Everything was designed for longevity, ease of installation, and cost efficiency.


  • President's Choice SuperDogs Proscenium Banner

  • President's Choice Feature Banners

  • PC Nutrition First Backdrop Banners

  • Super Dogs "Wild Wild Woof" Prosenium Banner

Canada's Citizenship Tree

Nation Symbol/Monument Design and Fabrication

Citizenship and Immigration Canada approached Goldfish to develop a National symbol/monument in the form of a Tree. It was designed and created in the form of a majestic autum,n maple with roots at its base that rise from a map of Canada. This was a major engineering feat for our team as the tree needed to be developed so that it would not topple in the event of an earthquake. With engineered approved, earthquake-proof drawings in hand, we were good to go. During an earthquake this tree would move across the floor not unlike a washing machine in a spin cycle—never falling over. This made it safe as a temporary exposition in the many locations it would visit in Canada. Some of the photos shown here are of its debut one Canada Day at the Canadian Museum of History and one other shot taken in the main entry of the Canadian Museum of Nature. The crown of the tree carries significant, bilingual messages as to what it means for those committing to become a Canadian Citizen and was used at the unveiling, swearing-in ceremony. This inspirational tree by Goldfish disassembled easily to be shipped in crates to its next destination. Goldfish was also responsible for the spectacular method of unveiling this tree at the beginning of the inaugural ceremony.


  • Design Concept Drawing and Model

  • Illuminated Monument Base

  • Canadian Citizenship Tree Unveiling
    Swearing-in Ceremony

  • Unveiling Ceremony

  • Canadian Citizenship Tree
    Canadian Museum of History

Candlewick Storefront Revitalization

Architectural Design with Point-of-Purchase Detailing — 2013

The Candlewick Gift Shop approached Goldfish to develop a storefront that was indicative of the of their country-style gift shop while being respectful to the architecture of the building and providing community appeal to the main street of Cobden. Since many products are displayed outside the owner was also looking for the new storefront to work as a point-of-purchase display. The design integrated pipes, hooks, and shelving to accommodate this shop's seasonal needs. More importantly the new design created wheelchair ramped access so all clients can participate in shopping at The Candlewick Gift Shop. The process adhered to the Ontario Building Code, involved working with engineers on structural approval, and interface with municipal building inspectors on certification.


  • Storefont Design
    3D Rendering

  • Detailed Drawings

  • Before and After Photos

  • Dressed for Business

  • Gable Detail