Brand Curation

Brand management is an essential component to the marketing of any business or organization. It often includes a process of evaluation and development that results in targeting communications to specific sectors of the marketplace. When implemented properly, a brand can become memorable and respected. Smaller businesses and organizations often face the challenge of limited resources and funds to gain saturation and established a reputation. At Goldfish we assist in the process as a Brand Curator—becoming as familiar with your product as you are. In effect we become an extension of your company that’s called upon when needed. In some cases we only manage look-and-feel, in others we have developed logos, taglines and consult with content and positioning in the marketplace.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) — Managing Look-and-Feel

2003 to Present

Goldfish Communications has assisted SDTC, from 2003 to the present, in the management of their Corporate Communications Design. Recently we developed a guideline strategy for the communications hierarchy, which is now being implemented. Goldfish has also been instrumental in providing consistency in the publishing of seven detailed Business Cases. All work for SDTC has been produced in both official languages.

The work below is a small sampling of the volume produced over the past ten years. It is illustrative of how Goldfish has managed the SDTC brand across their collateral communications.

  • SDTC "Look and Feel"
    Document Hierarchy

  • Level 1: Corporate Brochure

  • Level 2: Building Capacity Flysheet
    Virtual Incubator™

  • Level 3: Sector Flysheet
    LNG/CNG Technology Development

  • SD Business Case™
    Downstream Natural Gas
    Read the Full Version


South Exposure — Taking a Brand from Concept to Marketplace

2011 to Present

In 2011 Goldfish created the South Exposure identity and tagline. Since then we have designed, developed, and written their sales and marketing materials (excluding their website design), assisting them with their communications and business development.

  • Design and Development
    South Exposure Logo/Identity

  • Print Advertising
    South Exposure

  • Physical Location Advertisements

  • Portable Advertising
    Pop-up Banner

  • Portable Advertising
    Sandwich Boards

  • Print Advertising
    Rack Cards

  • Print Advertising

  • Print Advertising
    Mad Mats


Sands on Golden Lake — Developing a Migration Path for Growth

2010 to Present

Sands on Golden Lake's facilities include: an Inn, Spa, Restaurant, and a Reception/Conference centre. A popular spot in all seasons, the Sands accommodates: corporate retreats, weddings, spa getaways, thousands of tourists, and many locals. Their lakeside location has a spectacular reception hall, spacious dining room, contemporary accomodations, and cozy cottages. Goldfish has been handling the Sands on Golden Lake marketing communications since 2010 including their website.

The work below is a small sampling of the volume produced over the past four years. It is illustrative of how Goldfish has managed the Sands on Golden Lake brand while introducing new sectors of business to their portfolio.

  • Print Advertisements

  • Outdoor Signage
    Restaurant and Accommodations

  • Design and Development
    Sands Spa Logo/Identity

  • Outdoor Signage
    Sands Spa

  • Design and Development
    Deacon Room Logo/Identity

  • Outdoor Signage
    Deacon Room